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WIGGLE TRACK - water inflatable parkour waterpark
water inflatable parkour waterpark



· Dimensions: 12,5 x 2 x 0,3 m / 41’ x 6’-7” x 1’

· Min. Water Depth: 1,2 m / 3’-11”

· Capacity: 9 people


· Accessories kit


· Perfect for shallow water

· Great for animation – trains and improves balance

· Choose any number of WiggleDiscs to fit your pool

· Easy installation, handling & storage

230000 Kč

Energize your shallow water pool.

Your guests will love testing their balance on the WiggleTrack! Even though crossing the WiggleDics is a real challenge, the Step and TakeOff make it easy to get on and off the track. Extend the number of WiggleDiscs for even more fun – how many discs can you handle?


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